Welcome to the ESC EFL Entry 3/ Level 1 daytime course. Speaking and listening topics to be covered this term will include describing personal appearance and personality; the world of work and education and free time activities and interests. Grammar skills including basic present and past tenses, the use of phrasal verbs, comparatives and superlatives and countable and uncountable nouns will be studied together with reading and writing skills necessary for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test and First Certificate examinations.

http://vle.esc.ac.uk/lib/editor/htmlarea/coursefiles.php?usecheckboxes=1&id=1006#Welcome to the daytime course for the PET exam.


To improve vocabulary, speaking and listening skills to do with travel and world culture, free-time activities, the media and the environment. To improve grammar skills including the passive and reported speech and the use of articles (a/the) together with reading and writing skills of a review, a formal letter, an essay and a report.